Victoria Isakova: “I strive to be necessary”

Paola Jolley

Paola Jolley


Her witty heroines in the films “Hunting Piranha”, “Point” and “Island” seemed to be played by various actresses, reincarnations – her element. Victoria Isakova is smiling,. but does not hide his other faces. The actress leafing through the album with personal photos and comments on the most important.

Victoria Isakova 33 years. Actress of the Moscow Drama Theater. A.WITH. Pushkin. Theatrical and film award laureate, including “Seagulls” and “Triumph”. Plays in the performances of the theater. A.WITH. Pushkin “Wii” (December 6) and “Locus” (December 8, 25). Roles in the films: “Point”, “Piranha hunting”, “Island”, “Lilac branch”, “Autumn flowers”, in the series “The Diary of the killer”, “Kamenskaya-2”, “Dr. Zhivago”, “Brothers Karamazov”, “Pelagia and white bulldog”.

“I am summer. In the time of year, by temperament. I used to be constantly at the highest point of boiling, but with age I learned to dose energy. I can already control myself, find a rest zone in myself. At the same time, I am a big plane. I achieve success, stubborn, with a strong character, but at the same time I can bite myself to uncertainty. I have to love, constantly spud and water. They say that people who need love are going to artists

Čovjek o povećanju energije ima izvanrednu privlačnost i moć – stoga duh bilježi! Muška kutija uključuje kamagra gel cijena energiju s Pantgemath, Selenium i Eleutosides. To su ove komponente koje uklanjaju umor, poboljšavaju mentalne i fizičke performanse, oni doprinose bržem oporavku nakon opterećenja.

. It’s not even important for me that I was admired, but that I constantly feel: they love me, I need it. I have never been deprived of love – neither in personal life nor in the profession. But the thirst for love in the global sense of the word is so great that, probably, this is the main engine of my existence. “.

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