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Quote Date July 29, 2019
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Paola Jolley
Paola Jolley Designs
8101 Canyon Lake Cir
Orlando, FL 32835
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45Gate Fold Invitation
SKU: WPL0002
Laser Cut Card Options: No.010 Ivory Shimmer ($0.00)
Do you need main invitation?: No, just the pocket ($0.00)
Do you need Main Envelopes?: No needed ($0.00)
Need a RSVP Card?: No needed
wcpa_empty_label: Belly Band Paper Back Ribbons & Twine Brooches Bronze Key
Belly Band Printing Options: Multipurpose Double ($2.50)
Requirements for Multipurpose Belly Band: ivory
Paper Backer: Gold | https://paolajolley.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Gold.png | ($0.50)
Ribbon Type & Size: 3/4 Satin Ribbon ($0.30)
Ribbon Color: 43. Light Pink
Bronze Key Size: 1 Inch ($0.45)
Bronze Key Type: 1
Brooches Size: 1.5 Inches Crystal Buckle ($1.50)
Brooches Type: 1
_WCPA_order_meta_data: Array
Shipping:Local pickup
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