This is a Deposit Invoice for 50% of the project total




8101 Canyon Lake Cir
Orlando Florida 32835

Invoice Number INV-179-1
Invoice Date September 19, 2019
Total Due $0.00
Julia Baker and Darrius Rose

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
75 Thank you Cards with Envelopes

4.5x6.25 Flat Card 4|0 100 Eggshell Soft
A6 4.75x6.5 Eggshell Soft White Envelope (fits 4.5x6.25)
Assembling and Addressing necessary

Sub Total $125.25
Tax $0.00
Project Total $125.25
Amount payable for this Deposit Invoice
Deposit $62.63
Paid -$62.63
Total Due $0.00