How to recognize the weaknesses of a person by his profile on social networks

Paola Jolley

Paola Jolley


Today, to better know a person, it is enough to study the profile in social networks. Booking a new acquaintance, we first find it or it on Facebook (an extremist organization prohibited in Russia) and carefully study the information: photos, common acquaintances, “Chekins”, Stories. The account is our gift packaging, an improved version shown in the most successful perspective. But what about the shortcomings? How to learn to determine the weaknesses of people, despite their cloudless Facebook life?

Experienced psychologists have been at a long time to tear out the masks and revealing us real ones – with wrinkles, fears and complexes. Having studied hundreds of profiles, they have identified several types of social and networks by which you can determine who is in front of you.

Type “secretive”

As a rule, such a user has a closed profile. Moreover, he does not even indulge in information about himself: in the account there is only a couple of photos, several “Chekins” of one and a half

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year ago and a couple of subscriptions.

“This is a typical introvert,” explains the family psychologist Julia Tokarskaya. – Perhaps such a person tried to be in trend, for which he started an account on Facebook (an extremist organization banned in Russia), but this was limited to this. It is difficult for him to flaunt life and share information about himself. A secretive type of behavior can say that the user experiences emotional difficulties. The most gloomy option is depression, when a person tries not to contact the outside world at all. “.

Type “dividing”

The account of such a user resembles a chronicle of the instant monitoring service of the entire Internet. On the page, he shares everything indiscriminately: recipes, news, pictures.

“Such a user is trying to please everyone at once,” the psychologist believes. – He does not have his own image, style, he is a “team of a hodgepodge”. As a rule, such a person lives on the principle of “carbonity”, does not become a pioneer and a source of interesting ideas. He may have hidden talents, but he does not consider them such or even shy “.

Type “Dolce vita”

If you see an account in which a photograph from the Maldives is replaced by a sunset frame over the Tower bridge, do not rush to envy. This vita is not always the truth Dolce. Most likely, before you is not an avid traveler and siber, but a lonely person who is afraid to find his sadness before others.

“Look, what an interesting and diverse life I have!” – shouts every photo on the wall of such a user. However, often behind all this is a deeply unfortunate person. A variety of places and events can indicate that it is difficult for him to stay alone with himself, and he puts on a mask of always a happy person. It is important for him to know that his life serves as an example: so he gets rid of the feeling of meaninglessness of what is happening. “.

Type “Frank”

According to the statuses of such a user, you can trace how his mood changes, literally by minute. He talks in detail about this, supplementing the posts with the statuses “puzzled”, “in high mood”, “happy” and so on.

“When a person is too open to the world, he shares his emotions constantly. It can publish even the most intimate moments, for example, a photo in an embrace with a partner in bed, ”the psychologist says. – This is his way to show that he is “his”. Most likely, this person was once rejected by society or is simply afraid of this and tries to please everyone so that he would not be rejected “.

Type “Sexuality is my second name”

Such a person – whether it is a man or woman – knows how to show himself and especially his body. Having wrapped the page of this user, you can see it in a variety of angles, and in most pictures it will be half -naked.

“If we talk about the desire to impress, sexuality is always a hundred percent hit,” the psychologist explains. – Laying photos of his body, the author expects encouragement and monitors the number of “likes”. He just doesn’t know how to make them yet. This behavior is based on low self -esteem and lack of faith in oneself. And this also suggests that a person is at a basic level of development, when physiological needs prevail in the value system. “.

Type “in pursuit of the perfect body”

In his profile you will see the perfect sports body in the most successful angles. And we are not talking about professional athletes for whom sport is the meaning of life, but about ordinary people obsessed with their body.

“If a person has an adequate image of his body, he is quite satisfied with him. If he does not accept his body, it quickly turns into a problem, ”says Julia Tokarskaya. – Such a person will continuously transform himself: plastic surgery, permanent diets, and sports will be used. People with a distorted image of the body often experience difficulties in sexual life and are generally usually unhappy. “.


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