How to Waterslide Decal Application on a Mug


How to Waterslide Decal Application on a Mug

How to waterside decal application on a mug! This technique is easy and is great for a personalized gift for mom, dad and anyone on your life. Best thing is that you can create any design you want!!!!


1.Insert the decal paper into the laser printer

2.Print the design

3.Design must be on the glossy side

4.Cut the edges of the design

5.Clean the mug with alcohol (optional)

6.Submerge design  in water — Let it soak for 1 minute

7.Apply the design on the mug

8.And slowly slide the white paper underneath

9.Pat dry excess water with a paper towel

10.Remove air bubbles using an  squeegee

11.Apply acrylic sealer

12.To protect it from scratches

13.Set outside for 30 min.

14.All Done!


Link to the items I used

 ♡ Waterslide Decal paper…

♡ Mugs:

♡Squeegee or scraper:…

♡Mod Podge acrylic Sealer:…



Here’s the video on how to make this easy waterslide decal application

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